Our Taxi

Perfect app for taxi drivers

  • Mobile Development
  • Android
  • Project details
    • Date created: 2017
    • Client: PE. Huseynov Tofik
    • Country: Russia

We developed this app caring for taxi drivers from Novy Urengoy. Driving with this app will make every driver satisfied by getting extra money and earning more with lower commission. We’ve added a CRM system for managing and distributing client orders between taxi-drivers. Taximeter and other features were implemented for better drive fee calculation according to stops on the route, road traffic, ride rates etc. It’s good for those who wants to see detailed earnings report, control orders easily and keep track of accurate ride cost. We worked hard to provide the perfect app and keep drivers productive. A good solution for making ride pleasant and comfortable for both sides.

Our goal was to produce a good assistant for drivers and competitive app for market. It’s adaptive structure and understandable interface simplifies the use keeping users focused on their core duties. Soon we’ll develop app for passengers so it will become perfect addiction to this tool.

Main Benefits:

  • Qualitative service
  • Safety assurance for drivers and passengers
  • Taximeter
  • Ride cost calculation under different fares
  • Ride cost calculation according to stops on the route
  • Standby cost calculation waiting for passenger
  • Bonus system for drivers