Meal Reminder

Simple application helping you to keep eating regularly

  • UX/UI Design
  • IT Consulting
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Project details
    • Date created: 2016
    • Client:
    • Country: Russia

This app was produced for those who wants to run metabolism and lose weight. It will keep person focused helping eat regularly, thus fit the body in a right way. Smart reminders were implemented so one will not forget about scheduled meal and diversified menu will help to achieve goal faster and with minimum loses. The diet can be pleasant thing!

Our company provided UX/UI design for this client. This smart assistant with colorful design will become a favored tool among bulk of useless diet recipes and usual reminders. Keeping diet is a hard thing, but now it’s a pleasant addiction to a daily routine.

Main Benefits:

  • Ability to set reminders before and after meal
  • Ability to keep track of weight loss
  • Ability to choose desired meal in built-in recipes library
  • Ability to create own healthy recipe and keep diet more effectively
  • Ability to count calories according to one’s height and weight